2015 Summer Lax Wrap Up

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Another successful summer in the books for the Corrigan Sports Staff!  The lacrosse calendar kicked off on May 17th with the girls’ New Jersey and Washington D.C. UAAA tryouts.  The first of 20 total Under Armour All-America Underclass tryouts were just the beginning of a challenging three months that wrapped up at the IWLCA STX Capital Cup on July 20th.  Through it all, the dedicated staff, based in Elkridge, Maryland, traveled nearly 21,000 miles to 26 different venues in 19 cities.

“This is no easy task. Credit to my awesome staff for grinding it out these last 12 weeks”, stated Lee Corrigan, President of CSE. “We are in the trucks on the road and setting up for the events hours and days before the tournaments or tryouts and cleaning up once the players and teams roll out. Not many people know what goes on behind the scenes.”

On the operational front, Corrigan Sports has it covered with a warehouse piled with merchandise, tents, coolers, water, and all other field supplies imaginable. Seen as a necessity for lacrosse events, CSE always provides the essentials: shaded tents on every bench, water and Gatorade coolers with cups, scoreboards on every field, fields properly numbered with signs, maps of each venue, and more.   Throughout the summer of 2015, CSE staff put up and took down more than 540 ‘10×10’ tents on 172 lacrosse fields this summer.  Under those tents, they filled and refilled 560 coolers.

At the end of the day it is all about the love for the game. 24,800 players gave it their all in a combined 2750 games in the nine tournaments and tryouts.  255 officials kindly blew their whistles during the 151,250 total minutes of lacrosse played.  Over the course of the 12 weeks, more than 2300 men’s and women’s college coaches checked in at our games.

Corrigan Sports is privileged to be partnered with Gatorade® for our events.  The CSE warehouse saw multiple truckloads of Gatorade® product go in and out of its doors.  At each event Gatorade stations were set up and distributed (for free!) 68,000 Gatorade® Prime Energy Chews, 34,000 Gatorade® Recovery Bars, and 22,000 Gatorade® Recovery Shakes. Wow! Thanks to Gatorade® for keeping all the players on the field: Prime. Perform. Recover.

Every aspect of our events is executed with consideration for every group that attends each tournament.  A huge thank you to all of those groups – our sponsors, officials, vendors, coaches, families, and most importantly you the player.  As always, there is no off season at CSE.  The Corrigan Sports staff is hot on the trail as we prepare for our fall slate of events and into 2016.  Good luck and we look forward to seeing you on the field!



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