Thunder Bay Battle on the beach


  1. Teams will consist of up to eight (8) players, four (4) field players and two (4) substitutes. NO GOALIES. Players may only be rostered on one (1) team within specific age group.
  2. Teams will be grouped into divisions according to age, gender and skill, and will play their games within their assigned divisions. Players may “play up” in age category but not down in age.
  3. All teams will play at least three (3) games during the weekend, unless the scheduled games are reduced or shortened, due to rain or unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Playing fields shall be approximately 40 yards x 30 yards, or as space permits.
  5. Goals will be 3 ft. x 3 ft Rage Cage™ Foldable Goals.
  6. Games will have two 12-minute halves with a two-minute halftime. In a playoff situation, both teams will move immediately to five penalty shots for each team on a rotating basis until one team wins. Teams will select a player to act as a goalie. Shots will be 5 yds. out from goal.
  7. A coin toss determines opening possession. Opposition will control the ball at the start of the second half.
  8. The ball (STX™ soft lacrosse balls) must completely cross the goal line between the goal posts to score a goal. All scoring must be shot from the scoring team’s offensive half of the field.
  9. All players must wear a jersey the same color as their teammates.
  10. Ball is out of bounds when it completely crosses at least one of the boundary lines. Teams cannot score directly from shot during a restart.
  11. Regulations governing fouls and misconduct conform to USYLA: Regulations governing fouls and misconduct conform to US Youth Lacrosse with the following exceptions: NO CHECKING
  12. All fouls taking place within ten (10) feet of the goal will result in a penalty shot taken on an open goal from the mid-line. Once the shot is taken, the ball is dead. No rebounds or follow-up play is allowed. If the shot is missed, the defensive team is awarded a clear.
  13. Restarts after a goal will be taken from your defensive END LINE.
  14. Intentional fouls in the attacking half of the field will result in a penalty shot.
  16. Substitutions are unlimited and may only be made when play is stopped.
  17. Each game will have one referee, who will call fouls and keep time. Referees will have the final say in disputes.
  18. Tournament directors and staff, reserve the right to verify any player’s age. Inaccurate information is grounds for disqualification of the entire team.
  20. Players are not required to wear any protective gear. Head and eye protection can be worn at the players discretion.
  21. All players must use a short stick. No long poles allowed.
  22. Players may not go to the ground in an attempt to defend their goal from a shot.